I was born and raised in Mt. Shasta, California, which is located in southern Siskiyou County. I grew up hunting, fishing, camping and spending most of my free time in the outdoors. I developed a love for the quiet peace spending time in the woods or walking next to a stream can bring. My law enforcement career brought the family to San Diego, California, where my wife and I raised our two sons.  
I found that the sunny beaches and coastal vistas of Southern California were beautiful and offered many photographic opportunities. The wooded mountains with streams and meadows are still my favorite places to be but the coast and desert regions have a charm all their own. I now hunt with a camera. I naturally gravitate to landscape photography, but I will explore any photo opportunity in order to expand my photographic knowledge and ability. My photography is constantly evolving as I learn new processing techniques and find new locations to hone my craft.
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